5 Ways to Increase Humidity Indoors

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In March 13, 2018

San Diego area is one of the driest parts of the country, especially during the winter/early spring when outdoor humidity levels are lowest. With the natural effects of the season in full force, San Diego homes are plagued with dryness this time of year.

On average, humidity levels remain below 10% throughout March (1)


Why You Should Care About Indoor Humidity Levels

Humidity in the air is an important health factor inside your home. Low humidity creates an increased susceptibility to the flu, respiratory problems and dry skin. Even more surprising is how humidity affects the infrastructure of a home. Wood floors, trim, framing, furniture and other building materials crack and damage easily when they are robbed of moisture.


5 Ways to Increase Wintertime Humidity Inside Your Home

1. Let Your Clothes Air Dry 

You can help keep moisture in the air by drying your clothes indoors on a drying rack. Not only will it help keep increase humidity, it will save energy and help decrease utility bills.

2. Get a Humidifier

This is the easiest way to increase humidity levels indoors, but it also be a costlier option. Humidifiers come in many different shapes in sizes – from those that filter through the entire home to those that are best suited for one room of the house. Depending on the size and layout of your home, you may need a hi-tech humidifier to achieve relative humidity levels.

3. Prevent Air Leakage

Other than the natural environment you live in, air leakage is the most common cause of low humidity levels. Properly insulating your home with ergo, air sealing, caulking and weather strips are most efficient ways to keep the cold, dry air out and the comfortable, moist air in.

4. Moisturize Indoor Air

Simply misting air with a spray bottle will help increase humidity levels. You can also place shallow containers of water next to a sunny window or vent to moisturize indoor air.

5. Use Water from the Shower

Placing a fan next to your door while you take a shower will help circulate moist air throughout your home. You can also plug the shower drain and let the water evaporate into the air until the next time you need to use the shower.

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