Whole House Air Conditioning


Professional Air Conditioning Contractor.

At Johnson Air Systems we service and install all makes and models of Air Conditioning Systems.

We will come out to your home. Inspect your current AC unit if you have one, or review the cooling requirements for your home.

We will consult you on the best options to meet your needs. We take special consideration to explain the energy efficiency and environmentally friendly options available to you. Johnson Air Systems is a VA owned and family run business. We are professionally trained, licensed and insured.

We Believe in Up-front Prices

We believe in providing our customers with honest up-front evaluations and price quotes. When we evaluate your air conditioning needs we will provide to you a full and guaranteed price quote on the spot. This way you will always know the total cost of your project before you make any commitment to us. Our customers will never be surprised by “extra costs” at the end of a project.

Free Air Conditioning Assessement

If you have never owned an Air Conditioning System for your home it is highly beneficial to have your homes specific needs assessed. When we evaluate your home’s layout, the duct work, insulation and the areas you spend the most time in we can design a highly efficient system to meet your needs. In addition we can select the RIGHT AC system so you don’t over-spend on an Air Conditioning unit or select an AC unit that will never meet your cooling needs.

The good news is that our Air Conditioning assessment, consultation with you and price quote is absolutely free.

Johnson Air Systems has been designing and installing new A/C Systems for well over a decade. Our owner Paul Johnson teaches the very courses that other A/C contractors take to stay up to date with the latest technology, efficient designs and techniques for safe installations.

  • Evaluate home size and duct work
  • Determine maximum and minimum cooling needs for you home size
  • Inspect flue and venting
  • Check voltage and amperage
  • Test electrical/safety controls
  • Determine safe areas for unit installation
  • Offer recommendations on AC product selection to meet your needs
  • Present accurate price quote
  • If contracted we will design your system
  • Prepare installation area
  • Arrange delivery
  • Install all equipment and AC/ Controls
  • Check overall operation of system
  • Teach homeowners how to operate their new system with ease.

You Deserve a Free Assessment and Prices Quote

We provide a free assessment and price quote for all new cooling system installations . If you need us to repair a faulty heating or cooling system we charge a $40 service fee to evaluate your problem. However, if you choose to use our service for the repair we will deduct this evaluation fee from your overall bill.



Finally a company and people you can trust. After a few poor visits from other companies Paul from Johnson Air came to evaluate our heating system. He explained everything without a sales pitch, just here is whats safe and whats needed. He installed a system that was affordable and very efficient. Highly Recommend Johnson Air.

A man in a red shirt with a smile on his face walks by.J Nordstrom

i had a nightmare situation with a company called TL Services. I called Paul, he came out and with in a few minutes found the issue. it was a $10.00 breaker, not a $325.00 repair that TL Services quoted. This is the company to go with.

Anthony K

A few years ago Paul Johnson Installed my Fujitsu Air/Heating unit in our masterbedroom by his suggestion. The unit is fantastic and is also an air filter unit as well. The installation went really well and I couldnt have been happier.

Since it's installation Paul has conducted an annual cleaning/ inspection of the unit. He is the owner and service provider and just a great and honest guy. I look forward to his annual visit and highly recommend his services and products.

Tony C

I don't like strangers coming to my house! I took the recommendation of a friend to speak with Johnson Air when looking to install an air conditioning system (It was HOT this year). Paul Johnson came out and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Pleasant, honest, and a clean cut Marine who owns Johnson Air.. Nice air conditioning system is now awaiting the summer!

Jennifer R