Is Your Ductwork Costing You?

By jairadmin
In November 8, 2017

Have you been heating or cooling your attic and paying for it? Concerned rodents have caused damage or are living in your ductwork? Noticed a decrease in air quality and/or inconsistent temperatures?

Ductwork is responsible for transferring and delivering air effectively and cleanly throughout the entire home or workplace and undetected problems can have a major impact on the HVAC, energy costs, air quality and comfort levels. Faulty ductwork is a systematic problem and because it’s tucked away nicely in the walls, ceilings and floors, it often requires a licensed HVAC technician to properly locate the problem and repair for long-term sustainability. If you suspect any of the following HVAC problems have affected your home or workplace, it may be time to call an HVAC expert to dive into your ductwork.

Decreased energy efficiency

Faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss. When air escapes from holes, cracks and broken seals from leaks or crack in the ductwork, your HVAC works harder to compensate the loss of airflow. When your system works harder, it uses more energy and you end up paying for this extra hard work reflected on utilities statements.

Poor indoor air quality

Cracks and holes in your ductwork allow outside allergens, moisture, debris and fumes to enter indoor air flow. Once these unwelcome pollutants are inside your ductwork, they are delivered directly into living spaces for you to breath in. Increased humidity, dust, dirt and other allergens decrease indoor air quality and can pose a significant health threat.

Backdrafting is also a common problem of faulty ductwork. Combustion appliances such as a water heater, dryer or furnace, emit exhaust that can be sucked into your ductwork through existing holes and cracks and re-circulate throughout your home.

Stress on the system

All HVAC systems accumulate a certain level of wear and tear each year, but when a system is combating faulty ductwork, the wear and tear accrues quickly and excessively. Premature aging, overheating of components and extra strain on an HVAC often leads to expensive and untimely repairs, or worse, a total system breakdown.

Unsteady temperatures

Not only does stress on the system lead to unnecessary repair or replacement, it significantly reduces the volume of air that reaches living spaces. This makes it very difficult to maintain the set temperature on the thermostat and attain the comfort you want.

Depending on the cause and scope of faulty ductwork, solutions range from cleaning, sealing, technical repair or replacement. Considering the large area-span and hidden-nature of your ductwork, it’s important to get it inspected by a trusted, experienced HVAC technician.

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