What You Need to Know About Heating in the San Diego Area

By jairadmin
In November 28, 2018

San Diego is a wonderfully distinct place. Not only in terms of what it offers its residents, but how homes and businesses operate within its unique climate zones. To determine what heating method is best for a home or building, there are a few important factors to consider.

Location in San Diego  

The San Diego area has several distinct climate zones where temperatures can vary considerably within just a few miles:


Zones that hug San Diego County’s coastline maintain moderate temperatures throughout the year. These areas are most heavily influenced by the ocean, with a mild marine climate resulting from the warm Pacific Ocean. Winters are mild, summers are cool and there is almost always moisture in the air.

Inland, Mountain or Desert

Inland, mountain and desert zones have temperature extremes that are much greater than the coastal zones. The climate in these areas feature a combination of warmer thermal belts, cold-air basins and extreme day/night temperatures.

Difference Between Heat Pumps, Duel Systems and Furnaces

Heat pumps operate on electricity and use significantly less energy than a gas-operated furnace or boiler. However, heat pumps are only ideal for homes or buildings in moderate climates with temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In a duel system, a gas or electric furnace would provide heat when temperatures fall below 40 degrees and the heat pump provides lower-cost heat when the temperature is above 40 degrees, ultimately optimizing efficiency and lowering heating costs. In general, it makes more sense to have a dual fuel system installed in the inland, mountain and desert zones of San Diego.

Still Not Sure About What Heating System to Use?

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